Hyderabad: 5 year-old from Sudan undergoes corrective surgery for heart ailment

Hyderabad: Surgeons at Continental Hospitals have successfully conducted a procedure to correct a congenital heart disease (CHD) on a five year-old boy hailing form South Sudan.

Victor Bior, the preschooler was admitted to the hospital with multiple ailments including CHD or a hole in the heart, and pulmonary arterial narrowing, which reduces blood supply to the lungs. Due to the twin medical conditions, the boy needed a corrective surgery at the earliest.

“Victor was first diagnosed with CHD when he was just three months old and the severity worsened with age. Pulmonary artery narrowing condition added to the complexity, forcing us to perform an open heart surgery which was done three weeks ago,” said Dr. Pradeep Rachakonda, senior cardiothoracic surgeon, Continental Hospitals.

The boy was under constant observation since surgery and has recovered well to return to his native place along with his mother Magdalene Ayen Deng Panyang, who is a single parent.

“We are extremely happy, Victor Bior is returning to his place of birth, and would be able to lead a healthy life hereafter,” said Dr. Riyaz Khan, CEO, Continental Hospitals.

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